Positive Affirmations for Career

Learn to use the power of positive affirmations in your own life!

I am using my unique skills and abilities to work in my perfect career.

I now have clarity about my career path.

I am committed to giving excellent service in everything I do.

It is wonderful to have clarity about my life purpose.

I always have good relationships with my co-workers.

I have a great relationship with my boss.

I have excellent relationships with everyone who works for me.

I attract fantastic employees (or contractors.)

I create my success with my skills, talents, and positive attitude.

I am confident that I earn a wonderful living doing work and service that is important to me.

The Cosmic Chef arranges for me to meet those who will assist me in my career.

It’s so exciting to be earning a good living using my special talents.

It is delightful to be working with creative, loving, supportive people.

I am grateful for my skills and talents.

I am passionate about helping others live the life they deserve.

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