About Heal Your Life Training

Thank you so much for your interest!

The Heal Your Life® training is a powerful program for helping you to add skills to an existing career or start an entirely new one! We hope you can join us in 2016.

Patricia had the privilege of studying personally with Louise Hay for several years, and was chosen by Louise to lead the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life® workshop. This evolved into the current training program. This training is authorized by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise. See our event on the Hay House website.

Heal Your Life® is now a registered trademark worldwide by Hay House, so anyone using it must be authorized by Hay House, Inc., or our company. If you’d like to see a short video about how Patricia met Louise, go here:

Before The Secret and Law of Attraction became household words, Louise Hay was teaching people to clear the past and manifest the life they wanted. What is unique about Louise’s work is the way she combines the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects into powerful processes for positive life changes.

We regularly offer informational teleconferences about the US trainings. On the calls, Rick and Patricia share their backgrounds, how the Heal Your Life® training started, and answer your questions-
sign up for more information so you get an email when one is scheduled! If you’d like to hear what some of our graduates experienced at the training and leading workshops afterwards, click here.

Please call us personally with any questions: 800-969-4584 in the US and Canada, 1-760-728-8783 from elsewhere.

Dates and locations for 2016 in the US:
April 16 – 23:  San Diego, CA   Completed.
Oct. 22-29: San Diego -Early registration discount date is July 22nd.   Save $400 on your balance when you make your deposit by then.  Click here to make your deposit of $799.*

After the deposit, if you registered by the early deadline, the balance for double occupancy is $3,396. We offer a 3 payment plan for that amount, with the first payment for the October training due on Sept. 9th, $1400 on Oct. 9th, final $596 on Nov.  15th.

Plus there are [intlink id=”171″ type=”page”]trainings coming up around the world[/intlink]

There is a lot of information to share about this program, but we encourage you to read it all- it may be the most important information for your career you’ll ever read!

Since 1995 we have trained many people around the world to lead Heal Your Life® workshops based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. They in turn have helped many thousands of people make wonderful changes in their lives. There are now Heal Your Life workshop leaders in 70 countries and 42 US states – and we welcome many more to help change one heart at a time to change the world. If this training calls to you, we hope you will attend the program and join this special group of dedicated workshop leaders. See our worldwide list of licensed workshop leaders at www.healyourlifeworkshops.com

Please review all the information and call us with any questions.

The program is an investment not only in a new or expanded career, but for making dramatic changes in your personal life, too. The short application for the training is below in addition to other important information: who attends the training, what can you earn leading workshops, testimonials from other participants, and our background as trainers. Call anytime at (800) 969-4584 in the US or Canada and 760-728-8783 from other countries. We like to speak with everyone personally to see if this program fits their goals and aspirations. If you are in another country, email us your phone number and some good times to reach you, and we would be happy to call you. Note- when we are traveling, our assistant Christy will return your calls.

** Cancellation Policy: Please submit any cancellation requests in writing. If you cancel more than six weeks before the training begins, all but $299 will be refunded. If you cancel between weeks 3 and 6, your deposit is not refundable. No refunds are possible after that unless someone is available to take your place in the program. If someone is available, all will be refunded except for the deposit.

Love and blessings, Patricia and Rick


We start promptly at 4:30pm on Saturday and end at noon on the following Saturday.
Please plan your flights accordingly. Since this is a teacher training, you are required
to attend ALL sessions to receive your certificate.

The full training course includes:

  • manuals with complete scripts, marketing materials, flyer, and more for the “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life” workshop and a group that would meet for 10 weeks. We also go over how to offer short workshops (like Inner Child or the Mind/Body connection) so you can offer up to FOURTEEN different workshops.
  • handouts and CDs that go with the workshops
  • sessions on intuition, healing the body, and marketing
  • presentation skills
  • lodging (double occupancy) at the beautiful Bahia Hotel right on Mission Bay.  Single occupancy is $590 extra.
  • all breakfasts, 6 lunches, and 2 dinners
  • in-depth personal development work as well as training as a workshop leader
  • follow-up by phone and email after the course

Note: We recently signed a licensing agreement with Hay House, Inc.,
which provides additional support and opportunities for those we have
trained. Please see below for more details.

Most programs don’t include lodging and food, but we do because we require everyone to stay at the same hotel to maintain the group energy.

For a program like this you might expect to pay over $7,000. (Deepak Chopra’s is over $10,000.) But we have kept the program as reasonable as possible, plus we offer follow up afterwards at no additional charge. Remember, the course fee INCLUDES your lodging (double occupancy) and most meals.  We encourage you to complete your application now as a commitment for attendance, and then make your deposit by Dec. 17th. The training does fill up quickly.

Note: If you saw the price and thought it too expensive for you, please remember that this philosophy is one of possibilities. Don’t let your thoughts limit you! If you are drawn to the training, there is a way to manifest the funds.

Also, this training is an investment in your career and is intended to give you the skills to INCREASE your income. When people attend the training, 95% of them rate it a 10+ because it EXCEEDED their expectations. My partner Rick and I are committed to excellent quality for the materials, the program, and the follow up afterwards.

REGISTER NOW ! If you wish to join us for the Workshop Leader Certification Course in San Diego, Oct. 22 – 29, we encourage you to register now.   You can cut and paste it into a new email, complete it and return it, or fax it to (760) 728-7390, or print it, fill it out and mail to our P.O. Box along with full payment or deposit – click here to make your deposit.*

Contact Patricia at (800) 969-4584 or (760) 728-8783 or email her at [email protected] . Thank you for your interest!

Together, let’s change the world!

Love and Blessings, Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D. and Rick Nichols

Required reading
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and the
Love Yourself, Heal your Life Workbook (also called the Companion Book in the gift edition)
Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen by Patricia Crane, Ph.D.
(you receive the book at no charge as part of your deposit.)

Recommended Reading :
The Power is Within You by Louise Hay
Letters to Louise by Louise Hay
Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain
Money, and the Law of Attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks

Course leaders: Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D. and Rick Nichols
San Diego, CA
Check the one you are registering for:
___Oct. 22 – 29, 2016      Deposit Link – click here



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If you are using snail mail, please send payment Priority Mail along with this registration form and your application to:

HEAL YOUR LIFE Workshop Leader Certification
c/o Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC
P.O. Box 1081 Bonsall , CA 92003-1081

Phone: (760) 728-8783 Fax: (760)728-7390
E-mail: [email protected]


Strictly confidential personal information. Please be authentic and honest, yet brief as you complete this form! (You can copy and paste these questions into a new email.)

1. Briefly describe your experience with the work of Louise Hay.
How has it helped you personally?

2. What type of healing work have you done previously (i.e., inner child work)?

3. Are you certified or licensed in some type of individual work (like hypnotherapy or aromatherapy or Reiki)? This is not a requirement, but having a practice of some kind already can help you with marketing the Heal Your Life workshops.

4. Self-assessment: What are your strengths (i.e., intuitive, compassionate, creative, experience leading groups)? How would you like to grow?

5. List 8 adjectives that describe your childhood.

6. Briefly describe any challenge in your life right now (i.e., health, career, relationship). How are you working with it?

7. Are you currently in therapy or have you been in therapy during the last 5 years? If yes, please explain.

8. What experience have you had leading groups? (While not required, it is helpful.)

For facility planning: a. Female___________ Male__________
Note- you can reserve a single room for an additional $590
___yes, I want to reserve a single.

b. Do you have any special dietary needs? Examples: allergies, vegetarian, vegan, etc. If yes, specify.

c. Do you have any special needs for a physical challenge? If yes, please explain.

d. Do you smoke?

Thank you!

This application form is meant to give Patricia and Rick some background on each  participant. Please attach a recent photo of yourself. If you have any  questions about completing this form, please contact Patricia J. Crane at  (760) 728-8783 or (800) 969-4584. We look forward to a wonderful program together!

CANCELLATION POLICY Please submit any cancellation requests in writing. If you cancel six weeks before the training begins, all but $299 will be refunded. If you cancel between weeks 3 and 5, your deposit is not refundable. No refunds are possible after that unless someone is available to take your place in the program. If someone is available, all will be refunded except for the deposit.

Hay House, Inc., has trademarked the term Heal Your Life®, and so in order for our trainees to use it, we have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with them. At the training, you will be asked to sign a workshop leader agreement. We will explain the agreement at the training. There is a $99 yearly licensing fee which is discounted $49 your first year (US only). You are also required to obtain professional liability insurance. In the US and Canada , our company has purchased a group policy. For other countries we have recommended sources.

We are fortunate to be living in a time where this discovery is spreading into the mainstream. The philosophies of authors like Louise L. Hay, Deepak Chopra, and Shakti Gawain have changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. Louise’s best-selling book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” has been translated into twenty-three languages. However, there is still a great deal of work to do. Reading a book and EXPERIENCING the work are two different things! If you have a desire to help people EXPERIENCE the work, this training is ideal for you. With all the focus recently on the Law of Attraction and ‘The Secret,’ this is a perfect time to become a Heal Your Life® workshop leader. The Heal Your Life® concepts take assist people in truly  healing their past so they can APPLY ‘the secret’ in their lives. PLUS with the movie of Louise’s life just out, there is an increased interest in her work.

Although there are no formal requirements for a background in counseling or leading groups, you are expected to be very familiar with the ideas in the books of Louise Hay, be using them in your own life with positive results, and have a strong desire to share these ideas with others. This course will be an intensive experience for your personal growth as well as developing the knowledge and skills you need for leading courses. You will receive in-depth training in life transforming techniques and opportunities for practicing your skills. Come prepared for transformation!

Who attends the training?
People from many different careers and backgrounds have attended the training: massage therapists, counselors, hairdressers, yoga teachers, Reiki practitioners, hypnotherapists, social workers.. and the list goes on! More important than your current career is your commitment to helping people heal their lives. If you are practicing mental and spiritual principles in your own life (in Louise Hays’ book, You Can Heal Your Life), experiencing positive results, and have a deep desire to be of service, you are eligible to attend this training. The small group size (30 to 40 participants) offers an excellent environment for learning. We are happy to speak with you about how this program will benefit you personally and professionally, so please feel free to call us at (800) 969-4584 in the US or Canada or (760) 728-8783 from elsewhere or email us with any questions! Email: [email protected]

“I have been to numerous leader workshops and seminars but all pale in comparison to the leadership I learned here. The healing that transpired within me and everyone in the room was simply amazing and our universe is a much better place for the teachings, guidance, wisdom and inspiration of Patricia and Rick. It has been the most incredible week of my life.” – Jessica Smith , Lexington , KY

Please see below for more testimonials or go to:

What can I earn by leading the workshops?
In the manuals, we recommend that the charge for the 2 day workshop be from $249 to $395US and the charge for the 10 week group be $300. So if you had 10 people in your first 10 week group, you would earn $3,000 minus any costs for advertising or renting a room. There are also recommended fees for one day and 3 hour workshops. Once you register for the training, we can also give you some ideas about how to set up workshops before you even attend the training! Of course, earnings vary from person to person, depending on how often they give workshops and how many people sign up.

The course includes the following:
In the personal healing section, you will experience inner child work, releasing old patterns, meditation, and other release techniques, plus using affirmations and visualizations to create what you want in your life. In the workshop leader section, you will receive two complete workshop leader manuals, have an opportunity to practice with them, develop your own personal vision for your work, and learn about marketing techniques. After licensing, you will be listed on the Heal Your Life Workshop Leader website, AND we follow-up after the workshop to assist you as you set up courses. Check out other residential courses- you won’t find anything that compares to this value. If you have any questions, please contact us via email, telephone or regular mail, listed below. Please read on!

About the training—
We are delighted you are interested in this life-changing workshop leader training, which will also prepare you to share this work with others. Each of us is a part of the consciousness of the planet. By participating in this course, YOU can be a part of the planetary transformation! This certification program is an intensive experience for your personal growth as well as for developing the knowledge and skills you need for leading your own courses.

Comments from other past participants….


The entire week has changed my life in many ways and I am already seeing tangible evidence of positive growth.  Thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge and for teaching us all how to deliver phenomenal workshops!  Besides that, you made achieving and believing in ourselves an exciting opportunity.  Thank you for your enthusiasm.  You both really made learning a fun adventure!
– Doyle Ward, TX

Patricia and Rick imparted their knowledge to us in an easy to learn manner, with a good dose of humour. Thank you and the assistants for a great week! – Judy Single, Canada
Rick and Patricia are amazing teachers. They and the team of assistants were excellent. – Louise Norland, Denmark


This training includes eveything to become the best workshop leader possible! – Maryann Burchell, FL

When you attend this training, prepare to come away transformed. You will never be the same, and it is all good.
-Greta Counts, GA


The HYL training was awesome. I learned so much and we received so many materials. It’s easy to teach workshops with so much support. – Sandra Filer, TX


I would hightly recommend the HYL workshop leader training: top notch presenters, exceptional content, proven exercises, plus support and safety. – Brenda Fedorchuk, Canada


It was an experiential learning experience plus an unmatched opportunity to meet and bond with amazing people from all across the globe – Isabel Contreras, Switzerland


I am so blessed to have attended this training. I had the most wonderful healing experience, and met such special people. I highly recommend this week! – Loretta Whelan, Ireland


After years of counselling, different therapies, etc., nothing has ever moved me on emotionally, professionally, and personally as this course. It is a must for each and every one of us! – Jane Matthews, UK

This experience was more than I could ever have imagined- excellent training, confidence building exercises, and many gifts of love and joy. I saw people transform and blossom right before my eyes. Most of all, I received an abundance of love and unconditional acceptance from everyone and now know that I am enough!
– Margit Anderson, FL


Your thoughts can change your life, and that’s exactly what this workshop does. Through the warm and inspiring guidance of both Rick and Patricia, you are taken on a transformational journey that is both healing and confirming. No other workshop has given me the tools and knowledge I’ve needed to share this incredibly important and beautiful message. Bless you both.    -Diane Moen, Eugene, Oregon


Brilliant and inspiring! Surpassed my expectations. – Angela Rainbow, UK


I am truly blessed to have found my way to your ‘gate of knowledge and wisdom’ and my life has and is being beautifully transformed into an amazing journey. – Glenda Pakeau, New Zealand

I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful changes in my own life and the wonder and joy I feel as I watch people “grow” and find joy in their lives through the work we teach. For several years I took the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshop to many parts of Australia. I touched the lives of more than 1,000 Australians. Thanks  to you and Louise! – Mary Heath, Perth, Australia


The Heal Your Life® training was so much more than just a training! This was a completely transformational event with real world skills that I can use personally and in making a profound difference in many live.
–Shashank Gupta, India

I have been to other workshops, which now pale in comparison.  The personal growth, training, tools, and materials I received have given me the confidence to go forward on my path!  Thank you from the bottom of newly expanded heart.  – Nancy A. Newman, WA

This workshop/training is an amazing experience.  You will come with certain expectations and leave filled with more love and happiness than you ever imagined.  Patricia and Rick have thought of everything.  Thank you for everything! – Jill Hass, MI

This was the best thing I have ever done for MYSELF.  I am a changed woman, who is an awesome Heal Your Life Trainer and International Motivational Speaker.  Thanks to Patricia, Rick and all.     – Renee Cerio, NY

The Training was awesome.  It changed my life! – Maggie Cervantes, CA

Wonderful workshop for anyone in the helping profession.  The training program is excellent! – Nicole Ashley, CA

About the course leaders…
In addition to completing a Ph.D. in social psychology at Claremont Graduate School, Patricia J. Crane has trained with some of the foremost spiritual teachers of our time, including Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Terry Cole Whittaker, and Marianne Williamson. She has been practicing meditation since 1973. In 1988, Patricia was asked by Louise Hay to lead Love Yourself, Heal Your Life workshops. Since then Patricia has led these workshops in the United States , Canada, England, Spain, Italy, Poland, Norway, Greece, and Australia. In 1995 Patricia developed the workshop leader program so that she could train teachers worldwide to share the heal your life philosophy. With her life partner Rick Nichols, Patricia also leads inspiring workshops on the prosperity, making life an adventure in the land of Oz, and more. In 2002 she published her first book, Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen : The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations.

Rick has an extensive background in telecommunications, coupled with a passion for philosophy, spirituality, and poetry. His book is Who Do You Think You Are? A Fairytale for All Ages. Rick and Patricia have an intention to inspire people worldwide to achieve their full potential. They welcome the opportunity to help you take a quantum leap in achieving your full potential!

Love and blessings, Patricia and Rick