“This training far exceed my expectations! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to do more of their own healing AND help others do the same.” – Annie McCary, Laguna Woods, CA

“This training changed my life is such an amazing way. I feel ready and confident to lead my own workshops, and am so excited for what the future holds.” – Stephanie Feeney, Canada

“I am blown away. I have been exposed to Louise’s work for 20 years and still had huge awareness and huge growth.  I am forever changed – now equipped to deliver the same gift around the world.” – Susan Mitchell, Bloomington, IL

“The Heal Your Life Workshop Leader training was the best thing I have ever done for myself.” – Elizabeth Smolik, Eagle, ID

“What an amazing week! Patricia and Rick infused the week of learning with sacredness, fun and hands-on experience.  I feel like I got to know them both, and built an amazing support network with the assistants and other participants.  Most of all, I truly experienced transformation this week and I feel empowered to bring this work to the world.  I feel more connected to Louise’s work and feel I’m part of a lineage that is transforming and healing the planet!” – Alyssa Martin, Perkasie, NY

“Patricia and Rick are so very accommodating. They create a safe and loving environment which allows for true growth.  Their wisdom and guidance encourages participants to deeply connect to their inner self and find empowerment.” – Carolyn Hamilton, Bardstown, KY

“Amazing workshop. Very well done and very useful information and exercises which will greatly help me achieve my goals in my work and my personal life.  Thank you Heart Inspired.” – Shirley Serbony, Curacao

“Awakened a desire to prioritize my own personal growth and presented limitless possibilities to share this enlightenment with the world.” – Sharon Showalter, Canton, MS

“Excellent program that is well worth the money. Rick and Patricia make a great team and you don’t want to miss the day at the ranch!” – Joan Rubano, Fairfield, CA

“Would highly recommend a HYL workshop just to reconnect with your inner self – if you don’t want to lead workshops, it’s ok. It is so worth it!!!” – Michaelle Beauzile, Panama City, Panama

“After signing up for the HYL training, little did I know that I was about to gift myself an amazing and life changing week of excavation and healing! I gained tremendous insight about myself and the true power of affirmations.  I have come away with many tools to help and support others to love and heal themselves and live the amazing lives they have dreamed of.” – Lisa Latham, Pembroke, Bermuda

“I feel like a butterfly who has just emerged from my cocoon. My confidence in myself to pursue my passion to share Louise’s work has skyrocketed.” – Julie Daugherty, Swanton, OH

 “The workshop was insightful, Patricia and Rick had worked with all participants to clear their blocks, and it was helpful to one as a participant.” – Baba Varanasi, Hyberbad, India

“HYL teacher training is the most transformative learning experience I’ve ever participated in. The immersive workshop enlivens the desire, skills, and confidence to move forward in offering this important work.” – Kathy Malkin, Edmonton, AB, Canada

“This was a wonderful experience that should be experienced by anyone wanting to get rid of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Rick and Patricia are amazing leaders and made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived, and continued throughout the week.  The assistants are so knowledgeable and shared their knowledge so freely.  I feel very supported and would highly recommend this program.  Thank you soooooo much!!” – Lorraine Rozario, Mississauga, ON, Canada

“The HYL training is a life changing experience. The commitment of the organizers to help participants to succeed is amazing.  Thank you for offering the best.” – Ninfa Castellanos, Edmonton, AB, Canada 

This is the most inspiring workshop that I have ever attended. There was a great mixture of lecture, exercises, meditation, visualization, and fun. I had many insights. – Gloria Dickerson, MS

I am totally prepared and supported for teaching HYL to others! – Victoria Johnson, Canada

This training prepared me to deliver workshops as soon as I get home. This was the best training I ever had! (I will be back for the coach training.) – Brenda Fedorchuk, Canada

The HYL workshop leader training is incredible. It teaches you how to transform your life to a higher vibration and inspires you to share this light with others. It was very well-organized and thorough and taught by very loving people who walk the talk. Thank you! Namaste! – Catherine Dietz, CA

I came with high, happy expectations and leave with both. – Lucy Pieh, ME

I feel ready to lead workshops! Thank you for the journey, I feel blessed. – Paulette Flamond, Canada